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Home carers to receive travel time

As a result of a high court ruling, care workers must be paid travel time to and from those they care for. 'Time spent traveling to and from first and last jobs by care workers who do not have a fixed office should be regarded as work, European judges have ruled.

Until now, employers of workers who traveled to and from their first or last appointment were not required to pay the employee for that traveling time.. Nearly one million care workers in the UK could be affected as some employees could be working many extra hours per week with travel time included.

For example a care worker who normally travels for half hour to get to a client, then works for one hour, then returning home in a half hour journey, would have to be paid wages for two hours under the new law. This is going to force employers to look more closely at where they're sending staff making sure that the first and last shifts are as close to home as possible. Resulting in a better organisation of time and a more efficient company operation. Its certainly good news for the thousands of low paid carers in the UK who spend a lot of time traveling to their clients. Though it will obviously impact on the end cost to those needing hpme care.



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